UPS Maintenance Bypass Panels

UPS Maintenance Bypass Panel

All UPS Installations benefit when an external "Make Before Break" Maintenance Bypass Panel is included. The reason is that critical equipment powered by a UPS typically cannot be shut down to allow servicing or repair of the UPS. The cost is minimal compared to costs and risks of downtime when an external maintenance bypass is not included. Many UPS manufacturers incorporate an "Internal Maintenance Bypass Circuit". Keep in mind if internal this will be a partial bypass, not a total bypass. The better design is having an external, thus total, bypass. Increasingly, safety rules for service work dictate that serviced equipment must be off, an internal maintenance bypass does not allow this.

The most common configuration (out of 15) for external maintenance bypass is a three breaker panel, dual input UPS. Other configurations include two breaker, four breaker and custom configurations in which the output is a defined set of multiple breakers to allow the UPS to feed multiple load panels without requiring an additional distribution panel. With our engineering background we help clients determine the best configuration for a specific installation.

Sample of a 100 Amp Panel

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3 Breaker UPS Bypass Panels -120/208 Volt - 3 Phase


Amp Rating kAIC Rating

WES Part #

60 18 105614
60 65 105615
70 18 105616
80 18 105617
90 18 105618
100 65 105619
125 65 105620
150 65 105621
175 65 105622
200 65 105623
225 65 105624
250 65 105625
300 65 105626
350 65 105627
400 65 105628
3 Breaker UPS Bypass Panels - 277/480 Volt - 3 Phase


Amp Rating kAIC Rating

WES Part #

125 35 106162
150 35 105808
300 35 106427
350 35 106130

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Add 4th Breaker to allow separate Breakers to UPS Main Input and UPS Bypass Input
Kirk Key Interlock Option (w/o solenoid release)
Kirk Key Interlock Option with Solenoid Release

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